Wednesday, October 3, 2018

7 Years not working went well. Now in year 8

Been trusting my life to these hinges lately

  This Fall has been amazing weather in Anchorage. The TV weather people have been amazed at this September that had more warm sunny days than any on record. October has been warm and sunny so far but tonight starts clouds and drizzle for the next few days.

Clunie Lake from the rowboat

  We enjoyed a rowboat ride on 29 Sept and then a low price tram ride and beer with food at the Alyeska Ski Resort on the 1st of Oct. They will close for the season this weekend and were having cheap everything to get rid of food and tapped beer kegs before they shut down.  They will restock and reopen in December for the ski season.

  I got the ' as many as you can eat hot dogs for $5.' It reminded me of the Kwik-E-Mart of the Simpsons, as I was sure those dogs had been on the roller since last December. The chili and Kraut were yummy though. The draft microbrew was $6 a pint but no one was counting. Kathy had a very nice meal. It was quite scenic on top of the ski hill. It made a fun afternoon for $50 including tips.

Eklutna Lake from the shore

 I spent some time doing the spreadsheet and last years spending and the four years before it was within $ 200 a month of each other. I guess our budget works better than I thought. Without a budget, our spending would cause us problems. It makes our lives a lot simpler also.

 I have been enjoying the helicopter flights and still need more practice. There is no doubt I can start up and take off and fly to another place and land etc, it is just not up to commercial quality. 

 Year eight should have many fun adventures and activities for us. I know we both really enjoyed year seven a lot. Hope our health hangs in there.


  1. Looks like you stopped working the same year we did. Good health is the thing. You've been luckier than David.

    1. 2011 was the year we left the work conveyor for good. Now we are in the 2nd childhood zone. I am not one who hopes to live until I need diapers and drink Ensure from a bottle. It would be good to get 17 years like I had as a kid before the work trapped me. One day at a time is how I live.

  2. Amazing what little things hold any kind of aircraft together for safe flying, isn't it. That lake looks beautiful. With your warmer than normal weather have you noticed any mosquitoes? They are killing me down here.

    1. No skeeters but those tiny black get in your nose and mouth things are out in force. I think they are taking over since the birds left early.