Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Putting Things Away For Old Man Winter

Only drove it 88.7 miles this summer

  Another young man died riding a bike like this. They are intense fun as they are so overpowered. The US Army SSgt was traveling very fast and lost control and hit a light pole. One hundred miles per hour is so easy to exceed on one of these. 

  Mine is now packed away and the battery is on trickle charge for the winter. The front wheel only came off the pavement once and it was by accident ( got too close to the power band.) I stayed below the power band on all but one ride. 

  Today a quick moving storm front canceled our helicopter flightseeing ride. So I got a haircut and we did the BX and library. I came home and cleaned the lawn mower and ran it out of gas. I then drained the water hose and put it away. We have not had any cold weather yet but by the time we come back from Las Vegas, it very well could be below freezing.

  Tomorrow will be take recycles down to the collection center. After that possibly another helicopter ride and then packing our suitcases for travel.

Update: canceled helicopter ride and got recycles down to the collection center, returned library items, mailed important stuff and put bicycle and grill away. Packing has been tonight's job.

  We fly out early in the morning on Wednesday. It is a getaway week planned long ago and we will see several shows, blow $50 on a 'one arm bandit' and take a desert drive in a rental car. There will be quite a bit of excessive good eating done also.

  That is all we are up to at this time.

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