Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Snow Squeaks Now

  Yesterday was a fun time playing with Cliff out at his very nice heated hanger. It will still be a while before his 1957 C-172 is ready to fly with its new O-360 180hp engine. He decided to go to all glass panel in this old bird and there is a lot of sensors to wire up. He suspects it will fly again next June.

 I enjoyed relearning how to rivet correctly and set about 30 rivets in his cowling. I may get to finish the job on Saturday if all works out. I have not done this type of work since I owned two airplanes. 

 My Doc appointment went OK and then got our votes cast without a line. We had dinner with our friends tonight and that was fun also. 

A much-improved airbox over what I had on my planes

 It has been too cold for me to enjoy going shooting, so I think that is over for 2018. The helicopter is still frozen, so next year for that also.

Enjoyed a concert 

 I think I have two lunches with old friends and an afternoon at the air museum left to do this week. Then a haircut and pack my suitcase. 

CD Rates 11-7-2018, getting worth using again.

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