Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunny Cool Day Spent Inside Verizon Store

  Too tired to add pics tonight. 

  My free Obama cell phone died. I had been told a few times that my voice was sounding mechanical and today it would make a call and receive calls, but only blips and burps being heard by caller. So after a trip to BJ's for food and putting them away, I walked down to the corner Verizon store. I wanted a small android type of smart phone. 

  About six hours later I had way overpaid and walked home with a new phone, wireless charger and other stuff. It is a low end LG V 30+. After all the hat tricks etc, I paid $ 185 today and my monthly bill will go up $ 7 a month. That got me a phone that works and still fits in my pocket and a new tablet that uses 4G LTE on my unlimited plan. It is a freebie for Christmas, but is mighty handy as I do not have internet yet.

  Nephew Dave will not be visiting us for Christmas as his job is only giving them the 24th and 25th off. He is still working 16 hour days 7 days a week. This will be his first break in several months. Hopefully the job will end in Feb and he will be unemployed for six months or so. Being a startup engineer is a tough job.

 Last night was a great boat parade after dark on the island. Much improved from the last one we watched and over 200 boats very well decorated. We then enjoyed Chick-Fil-A and drove around the island to see lights. 

Friday, December 14, 2018

Enjoyed cool weather and no crowds inside Disney World

  This has been three fun days. Kathy got Fast Passes and we used extra hours to enjoy more rides. The weather has been dry and on the chilly side which is great. The low amount of people was great, but kiss that goodbye as kids get off school for Christmas.

  We came home late Thursday night and I drove 70-75 mph all the way. Today I checked the oil and it is still at the full mark. It has been 300 miles since adding Zmax ( Avblend) to the engine oil. Will keep driving and checking but hopefully the massive oil loss has gone away.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Car Having Problems

  Finally had a cool morning to attack the jungle in the tiny back yard. I have a clear path to the rear fence gate on the left side of the bird of paradise palm and need another day to do the right side. 

  Weeds and vines grow like crazy here in the summer. I work until I am hot and take a break, a motivated gardener would have it all cleaned up in four hours.

  Kathy has spent the last two days doing volunteer work with dogs and found it quite rewarding. We did a behind the scenes tour at Disney's Animal Kingdom Park and got to see all the barns and vet facilities that are needed to keep all those critters happy and healthy. 

  We are still in the eat out mode as we have spent so little time in the Cabana. That will end soon as we will be hanging out here for Christmas and sleeping here many nights in a row. The vacation binge will start again on 14 Jan 2019 and run until the end of Feb. So we will be here for March and April and fly home early May.

  It is nice to be able to walk to a good restaurant and eat a good meal and walk back to the Cabana. The car is starting to use oil and it never did before, with just under 208 K miles on it now, I really hope I can get 250 K miles out of it. If not, we can walk to diner anyway.

  The oil consumption is a quart every 150 miles and it started on this last trip to St Augustine. It has always gone over 4K miles without using a quart. I am perplexed as to what happened, but suspect a broken ring. I had it put on a lift and the engine outside is dry and no sign of an oil leak under the car.  A sudden change in oil use is not a good sign on aircraft or cars. To be continued......

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

St Augustine is a fun city to visit

 We both enjoyed a mid 60's Sunny day here. This cold front has taken all the humidity away. Been doing the tourist haunts again. I love the old fort and town area.

 I enjoyed my hour flying up, down, sideways,and upside down in the Extra 300L. Allan is a good instructor.

 We have another day here and then drive 123 miles back to the Cabana.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Bought A Used Nikon D-7100 Camera

A road in need of fixin

 I have been unable to repair my old D-7100 camera I dropped in the Galapagos. I had also forgot to bring my D-7200 with me. So all my pics have been with a free smart phone and a throw away pocket camera. I went looking for a D-3400 and then found a D-7100 factory checked body for $ 400 with free shipping. It did not come in time for the Key West trip but was here when we got back.

Making Christmas

 It looks new and smells new. After charging the battery and putting my Nikor 70-300 mm lens on it and a memory chip, I took a few test pics and so far it appears to work well. 

  We have recovered from the 400 mile drive yesterday and it will take a while to get used to this 85 degree 95 % humidity. I thought about starting on my tiny backyard jungle and before I even cut anything, gave up and retreated to the nice Air Conditioning inside. I love having a Cabana to return to.

 I hope to use the pics Kathy took and make a post that shows what the National Park looks like. It may happen someday as I am one lazy guy.

  We leave for St Augustine and plan to enjoy the city lights from a boat again. I have two flying lessons scheduled with an instructor I like. My goal is to learn to fly correctly in a few years. I know it might not be possible but plan to enjoy trying.

 If I can keep it going I want two hours with Alan in Florida and two hours with Scott in Las Vegas each year. I enjoy learning with both of them as they are on the same page in how to fly a airplane. 

Saturday, December 1, 2018

We Are Back At Cabana As Aftershocks Still Shake Our Home

  Our mini trip to Key West and Dry Tortugas National Park was most enjoyable.The weather was cool and dry which made wifey very happy. We stayed four nights in a Navy townhouse which made walking to the NP ferry, bakery, and Booze Cruise catamaran very easy. 

  I took another tour of the USCG Cutter and used my GoPro as I am trying to get used to it. Kathy enjoyed the Key West Museum as she had no interest in a war ship. Afterwards we had a simple cheap lunch and I got a call from a friend about the 7.0 Earth Quake that hit our home town of Anchorage. Our friend checked our house and says only minor damage and all appears well.

  I just talked with my next door neighbor and they are still getting aftershocks in the high 5 levels every few hours. She was most upset that high winds in the 50's is melting the nice snow and the current temp is 49 degrees. So happy to be here in Florida and missing all that.

  Neither of us snorkeled at the park but Kathy did walk in the water after she found her way out of the fort. Yep, she got lost. The place is giant and all three levels can be explored. The bricks were made in Georgia and the fort was built in the 1850's . It is the largest I have seen and had a city within it's walls. The Ferry we took is a twin diesel catamaran and travels at 20 knots. They serve breakfast and a very nice lunch.

It is 75 degrees here on the island at 9 pm and we will be here two nights and then off on another mini vacation. This Snow Bird Life Is Tough But Someone Has To Do It.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Chillin In Key West Florida

  It took nine hours to drive here due to a big traffic accident.

  Check in went great and we are happy to be relaxing in our townhouse. It is breezy and cloudy but should be sunny tomorrow.

The roosters perform at 06:01 hrs, it is a sunny breezy day and 67 degrees, feels chilly for Key West. Simple day planned walking to Mallory square and back.

65 was the high today and the 20 mph winds from the North made it a bit chilly for shorts. We had two good walks, got tickets for a sunset booze cruise on Friday, and enjoyed a good lunch at the Mexican place we like.