Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A tiring Day in Disney

Art in Borrego Springs

  Thought I would post a few pics from California since I have internet in Resort. Today was a great 62 degrees and dry, perfect for jeans and light jacket inside Disney World. It was crowded, make that overcrowded with young women on Spring Break. Disney needs to expand the area people can be, kinda like they did at Animal Kingdom Pandora. We were in EPCOT and even the loop around the countries was packed. We met Kathy's brother in law and her nephew at the Chinese restaurant and caught up on family news. The food was good also.


  I awoke this morning not knowing where I was. Anchorage? San Diego? Florida? After I got fully awake, I remembered which door was the bathroom. Living in three places and several hotels and resorts and very little sleep did a number on me. 

  Today we rode Frozen on FP+ and Soaring on extra hours walk on. Living with the Land was the same way.


  1. Love those desert sculptures. Not sure Disney should expand any more than they are but given how much money they take in, they could limit the number of people who can be in at any one time. I stay way away from it during March and April.

    1. Something needs to be done at Disney. I heard the comment " I'm never coming back " too many times. Perhaps a whole new land should be added to EPCOT and continue the vision. Too many things have been destroyed at Hollywood so the can build Starwars and a roller coaster, it makes the place mighty small for now.
      I will try to post some more of the over 60 steel sculptures. I am glad I went there and saw them in real life.

  2. Those really are amazing sculptures ... great photos.

  3. Thanks. I will post a few more in future.